Food Quality and Safety Policy

Casa Gispert is a company dedicated to the production (roasting, frying and caramelizing) and packaging of nuts, dehydrated fruit, peanuts, spices and condiments.

Our final product is the result of the specialized work from the selection of the best raw food to the finished product in order to be sure to achieve customer satisfaction with an excellent result.

Our essence is reflected in our corporate values: integrity, honesty and sincerity, respect for people and the environment, quality and food safety, trust, social and cultural diversity and teamwork.

Casa Gispert’s quality and food safety policy is based on:

  • The guarantee of the products’ food safety in order to offer to the public, products that fulfil all the legal requirements, internal processes and specifications of our clients.
  • The maintenance of the food safety culture in our strategy and operative.
  • The maintenance of a service guarantee, always taking into account the focus on the customer and their satisfaction.
  • Ensuring professional training and awareness to all external workers and collaborators in both food safety and security.
  • Ensuring the authenticity of our products by maintaining and working on the relationship with our suppliers.
  • Taking care of the worker’s well-being and ensure their work integrity. Working to strengthen and joining efforts to build a reliable work ethic and personal responsibility among the entire human team who make up the company.
  • The respect and care for the environment, minimizing the generation of waste and properly managing it.
  • Joining efforts to achieve sustainability in our company and all parties involved in it. Maintaining a positive attitude of overcoming and seeking continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring the safety and health of workers and third parties who may remain in our facilities.

16th of September of 2020

General Manager