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By 15 October, 2016 Casa Gispert

Dear friends and customers,

one more time autumn is here. It is supposed tree leave color is going to change, fresh time is also coming after some really hot summers recently, and typycal autumn products are arriving to markets and stores. The most widely spread are chestnuts and mushrooms but nuts are being also harvested now! Dried figs, hazelnuts, almonds and Malaga raisins already arrived to Casa Gispert. Won’t you come?

And what can you do with such delicious nuts? Panellets. What else? We can supply you with the best nut quality to make panellets at home: the best almond poder (marcona 100%), the best local pine nuts, quince paste, chopped almond, coconut, sweet wines, etc. At Casa Gispert, we can even give you the recipe, essential to succeed in front of your family. It is time to enjoy those small pleasures in life. Welcome to the autumn, welcome at Casa Gispert.